Basic tent camping in state parks and national forests has been an American family tradition for over 100 years.

Soon after motorcycles and automobiles became widely available back in the early 1900s, American families realized that tent camping offered an economical way to travel, vacation, and visit interesting attractions located many miles away from their homes. Every summer, millions of families packed their camping kits in their cars and drove to exciting destinations. After arriving in these destinations, families set up their tents and kitchen canopies in developed campgrounds and spent a week or two relaxing, eating great camp meals, and enjoying the great outdoors. Children played with new friends, swam almost every day, engaged in various recreational activities, and learned about the relationship between plants, animals, and our environment.

The objective of those tent camping vacations was (and continues to be) to live in the outdoors as comfortably as possible - with just the clothing and equipment that could be transported to the campsite in the automobile (or on a motorcycle). Unfortunately, many families undertook trips with inadequate knowledge, clothing, and equipment - and consequently suffered unpleasant experiences. Many children were especially traumatized by these ill-prepared camping trips because they got cold, hungry, or uncomfortable and were admonished that camping was supposed to be "roughing it" when they complained. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Camping was and is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Over the past 50 years, the combination of past unpleasant trips plus exaggerated stories about human and animal attacks, unfamiliarity with modern camping equipment, heavy marketing of motels and RVs, and the difficulty of identifying good camping destinations in unfamiliar regions of the country have negatively impacted the popularity of family tent camping vacations in some regions of the country. Although several camping books have been published over the past ten years, these books have failed to provide the factual information and encouragement needed to buy the most comfortable equipment, find the safest and most comfortable campgrounds, and set up the most comfortable campsites.

Therefore, I have written four books, posted about 100 YouTube videos, and maintain a Modern Tent Camping Facebook page that provide detailed information about modern tent camping in developed state and federal campgrounds. Much of this detailed information cannot be found in any other source. You can purchase my books directly from me or from More information about each book, can be found on the "Store" page of this web site; just click the links.

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