This page describes books and used camping equipment available for sale. Most of the equipment was used by Eva and me for a few camping trips and now has been replaced. It was well-loved and still has a lot of life left in them. A few more items belong to friends and are offered on consignment. Please note that the prices listed on this page do not include shipping costs. Your shipping cost will depend upon the size and weight of the item plus the distance from Huntsville, Alabama to your home.



Basic Tent Camping (2015) provides detailed information and practical recommendations about eight equipment categories: shelter, bedding, tools, furniture, medical supplies, kitchen equipment, clothing, and personal items. Then it describes dozens of practical procedures for planning trips, packing perishable and nonperishable foods, traveling to distant destinations, setting up camp, cooking meals, living comfortably in the outdoors, finding fun things to do, sleeping well, and preserving equipment. In addition to providing basic information and recommendations, each chapter adds interesting details about the history of tent camping, outdoor ethics, and my past experiences. View description    . . . . . $25 includes free shipping

The Tent Camper's Handbook (2012) is an early version of Basic Tent Camping but has many personal stories about my early camping trips. View description.     . . . . .  $15 includes free shipping

Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel was initially published in 2008 and revised in 2014. It provides specific information for people who travel by motorcycle. It has been very popular with the motorcycle riding community. View description     . . . . .  $20 & $25 includes free shipping

The Family Camping Guide to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois & Indiana (2014) describes the best camping destinations in these four Lake Michigan states. It would be a great resource for anyone living in these states, passing through them, or considering a circle tour of Lake Michigan. View description     . . . . .  $25 includes free shipping

Woody Stove

Several small wood burning stoves are available for backpackers but these stoves are too small and too fragile to hold heavy cast iron cookware and cook large portions needed for family meals.  So, I developed a large portable wood burinng stove - which I call Woody The Campfire Stove or just Woody. It allows you to cook a complete family meal over a campfire in any campground - regardless of the type of fire ring available. It features: 
      1) heavy duty 11 GA carbon steel back and sides that are strong enough to
 hold large cast iron dutch ovens and frying pans filled with food;
      2) a large 13 by 13-inch cooking surface that can accommodate a 12-inch frying pan, a 10-quart stew pot, or 3 smaller pots; 

      3) two piano hinges that allow you to fold the sides flat for travel;
      4) high quality welding and fabrication;
      5) good fuel efficiency that allows you to cook a meal or boil a pot of dried beans for an hour with one large piece of firewood;
) a cooking grate (for an additional fee) that locks into place and can be used to grill steaks, hamburgers & pork chops.

Woody weighs 10 pounds and can be placed on the ground, inside a fire ring - or combined with a commercial Aluminum baking pan to maximize fuel efficiency. A limited number of Woody Stoves are now available for $125 without the cooking grate or $150 with the grate plus shipping costs. For more details. please watch my Modern Tent Camping YouTube video and contact me. My contact information can be found by clicking the "Contact Information" link below.


Woody Folding Campfire Stove without cooking grate . . . .  $125 plus shipping;       Cooking Grate . . . .  $25

Camp Axes


Note that all axes come with a custom made leather sheath ($20 value) and a lanyard hole. Most have their original handle. From L to R

Plumb Michigan pattern with replacement handle     . . . . .  $60 plus shipping

Guaranteed Plumb Boy Scout with original handle and wedge screw     . . . . .  $70 plus shipping

Craftsman Single Oval with original handle     . . . . .  $65 plus shipping

Craftsman = with original handle and lanyard     . . . . .  $60 plus shipping

Fulton with original handle and overstrike collar     . . . . .  $60 plus shipping

Dunlap with original handle     . . . . .  $55 plus shipping


Many of these knives are one-of-a-kind custom knives that were made by some of the top knife makers during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Most of these makers are now deceased. I ordered each knife from the maker and waited sometimes up to two years for it to be made to my specifications - and I still have the correspondence for most of these knives. All of them have stainless steel blades. Most of them have never been used and are dangerously sharp! To learn more about these knives and their makers, search the internet for the makers name. You will see that the prices listed here are much lower than the average prices listed on the web.


From L to R

Corbet Sigman Model #7 fighter with curly maple handle, and nickel silver guard     . . . . .  $500 plus shipping

Randal #1 fighter with stag handle, nickel silver guard & sharpening stone    . . . . . . . . . . .   SOLD

Frank Centofante Model #6 fighter with elephant tusk ivory handles, red spacers, tapered tang & original order paperwork     . . . . . $500 plus shipping

William Gordon (DuFreest) sub hilt fighter with paper micarta handles and scrimshaw work (rose on presentation side and nude on reverse side).     . . . . .  $300 plus shipping

C Morris fighter with paper micarta handle & leopard scrimshawed on reverse side. This knife comes with a very nice cedar display box but no sheath     . . . . .  $350 plus shipping


From L to R

Frank Centofante Model #5 boot knife with mother of pearl handle and nickel silver bolster     . . . . .  $370 plus shipping

Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner; used for 3 or 4 trips     . . . . .  $100 plus shipping

A.G. Russell Sting boot knife; has my initials (FMD IV) engraved at base of blade    . . . . .  $150 plus shipping

Oleson California Dirk boot knife with abalone shel handle inlays and nickel silver sheath     . . . . .  $400 plus shipping

Cold Steel Master Tanto      . . . . .   $100 plus shipping


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