Rate Your Favorite Campground.

If you are an experienced tent camper and would like to help other people find the best tent camping destinations in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, please complete one of these forms for your favorite campground and send it to me. If possible, include a campground map, the driving distance around each loop, a summary of your camping experience, and your contact information. Contact me at  fmd4camper@gmail.com.


Campground ____________________________________________Total sites_____________

Dates observed___________________ Number of sites occupied_______  Percent tents____

Fee_______________  Best campsites _____________________________________________

Rate campground amenities according to the following scale and explain ratings when possible.
            0 = Absent; 1 = Very poor; 2 = Poor; 3 = Acceptable; 4 = Good; 5 = Excellent
Scores above 90 suggest outstanding tent camping destinations and scores between 80 & 89 suggest
            very good destinations.

__Secure, quiet & safe environment                           ___Competent & helpful staff

___Large & level campsites (45' W X 45' D)             ___Camp store (within 1 mile)

___Elevated tent area with good drainage                ___Electrical outlets & WiFi area

___Surface: crushed gravel, dirt, &/or grass             ___Swimming area

___Tables, fire rings, & cooking grates                     ___Nature & wildlife

___Buffer zones between sites                                     ___Visitor center & programs

___Shade: morning & afternoon                               ___Family & children’s activities

___Potable water & grey water disposal                  ___Recreational opportunities

___Flush toilets & showers                                         ___Nearby tourist attractions

___Groomed, clean, insect-free grounds                 ___Shopping area within 10 miles                 

Popular tourist attractions & restaurants located nearby