Basic tent camping vacations 
have been an American family tradition for over 100 years.

Every summer, millions of families packed their camping kits in their cars and drove to their favorite state parks and national forests around the country. After arriving in these parks, families set up their tents in developed campgrounds and spent a week or two relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Children played with new friends, swam almost every day, engaged in various recreational activities, and learned about the relationship between plants, animals, and the environment.

But several recent factors such as pressures to work overtime to pay bills, shrinking middle class, extended school years, youth sports programs, the lack of  updated information, and modern campground design are endangering the continued popularity of this American tradition.

The purpose of this Website is to introduce my recent books that provide up-to-date information about tent camping related topics and to provide additional information that can help tent camping families select  safe, comfortable, and enjoyable camping destinations. Hopefully, this information will help to perpetuate basic tent camping as an American family tradition.