If you own a motorcycle, try taking a camping trip on it.

About 30 years after selling my last motorcycle, I bought a used Harley Davidson Low Rider in 1998 and immediately began taking short camping trips on it. To help plan for these trips, I began searching for books and internet articles that could explain how to plan comfortable motorcycle camping trips but found very few articles and books on this topic - and these few sources failed to address many of the problems I had encountered and questions I had formulated. Over the next 8 years, I continued to attempt motorcycle camping trips and was frustrated by the lack of information on this topic. So, I learned many lessons by painful trial and error. Along with these experiences, I began reading books, articles, and product descriptions related to backpacking, bush crafting, canoe camping, mountaineering, and other forms of camping - trying to find equipment and procedures that could be applied to motorcycle camping.

By 2007, I realized that there was considerable interest in motorcycle camping but very few resources that explained how to do it. So I decided to write a book on this topic. In this book, I wanted to explain in detail how to assemble the most efficient motorcycle camping kit, how to use it to achieve maximum comfort in a range of weather conditions, and how to select the safest and most comfortable camping destinations.

My first book, published in 2008, included considerable information about up-to-date equipment and procedures that could not be found in any other source but I soon realized that it omitted a lot of useful information. So I revised this book in 2009. The revised book is better organized and includes more useful details. Since its publication, it has received numerous positive reviews and has sold over two thousand copies. It can be purchased from from Amazon.com or directly from me. My contact information is provided at the bottom of this page

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Some photos of past motorcycle trips are shown below.