Motorcycle Camping

In 2007, I became aware that books and web articles about motorcycle camping failed to describe the best equipment that was compact enough to be packed on a motorcycle, and functional enough to provide maximum comfort in short overnight camps and long-term base camps. Furthermore, these books and articles repeated old out-of-date procedures rather than modern, more practical tent camping procedures. So I decided to write a book about motorcycle camping that included updated equipment and practical information that could not be found in any other source. Although the book provided more information than any other source, I soon realized that it failed to include other important equipment, topics, and procedures. So, I revised the book and re-published it in 2009. It has received numerous positive reviews and has sold over two thousand copies. It can be purchased from from or directly from me. My contact information is provided at the bottom of this page.

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Some photos of past motorcycle trips are shown below.